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With the most experience and the latest technology, Willexa Energy is the obvious choice for your biogas treatment needs. We partner with you to design and build a siloxane & VOC reduction system guaranteed to meet and exceed the needs of your application, and then we stand behind it for the life of your project.


With a solid reputation built on a 100% rate of success, a money back performance guarantee, and a long list of satisfied customers, it's no wonder we're the market leader.

Willexa Energy Regenerative Siloxane Reduction System for the treatment of landfill & digester biogas

Twin Tower Siloxane Reduction Systems

With multiple improvements over the original design that revolutionized the biogas industry, the latest generation of the twin tower system is the optimum solution for applications up to 2500 scfm. Skid mounted vessels minimize foot print and on site assembly, while separate media and rengeration skids simply site layout.


All of the features of our larger modular systems still apply including the advanced control interface, optional siloxane monitor, and of course our no nonsense performance guarantee.

Modular Siloxane Removal Systems

The Willexa Energy SRS Siloxane Removal System is the result of two decades of research and development. It’s the market standard for reliable and cost effective biogas treatment.


This customizable modular design features an advanced PLC control system and touch screen interface with flexible operator adjustable operating parameters that can adapt to changes in gas flow and composition, providing reliable, guaranteed performance over the entire life of your project.


Built for the toughest applications, no flow or contaminant level is too high. With exclusive features including down flow regeneration, a VFD controlled blower, an SCR controlled heater, a gas cooling option to minimize parasitic loads, and an optional siloxane monitor, it's no wonder that it dominates the industry with almost 100% market share.

Willexa Energy Siloxane Reduction / Removal System for the treatment of landfill & digester biogas

Single Tower Siloxane Removal Systems

For low flow applications such as single engine sites, this inexpensive, non-carbon based adsorption system operates continuously for up to four weeks between regenerations. So why replace your media when you can regenerate it? For sites without treatment, this system will eliminate siloxane related maintenance, loss of efficiency and downtime. For sites struggling with the high costs of carbon, this system can extend the life of your media beds from weeks to months or even years! 

Single tower / vessel system to replace activated carbon for siloxane treatment / removal / reduction of landfill & digester biogas

Parts & Consumables

We provide media, elements and replacement parts for all makes and models of biogas treatment equipment. Our media won't just work as well as what you have now, it will work better. Maximize the performance of your biogas treatment system and extend your media life with our specialized blend of adsorption medias and high efficiency filter elements.

Continuous Siloxane Monitor - Analysis and Monitoring of Siloxanes in Biogas by Willexa Energy

Continuous Siloxane Monitoring

No more manually collecting and shipping hazardous gas samples then waiting days for laboratory results. Willexa Energy is pleased to have introduced continuous siloxane monitoring to the biogas industry.


Perfect for critical applications, this system automatically and continuously monitors individual siloxane species at up to four points in your process. With detection limits as low as 300 ppb and remote communication and alarm capabilities, this monitor provides the ultimate protection for your downstream combustion equipment.


Plus, for the optimum in verifiable performance, we can integrate it into any of our siloxane reduction systems. Siloxane reduction plus the assurance of real time monitoring means complete peace of mind for your landfill or digester gas to energy application.

Replacement Desiccant / Adsorption Media for Siloxane Removal Media and Filter / Filtration Elements
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