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Willexa Energy - Your partner in biogas treatment including equipment, media, parts and service for siloxane removal and monitoring.

Regenerative Siloxane & VOC Removal for biogas to energy or upgrading projects

Our engineers invented the regenerative siloxane removal system and continue to offer the latest and most advanced technology of its kind. Directly responsible for more than 50 systems across North America with a 100% rate of success, our reputation is unmatched in the industry. No other manufacturer can offer the guaranteed level of performance we provide.

Willexa Energy SRS Siloxane Removal System for Landfill Gas & Digester Gas
Willexa Energy Continuous Siloxane Biogas Monitor for Landfill Gas & Digester Gas Power Generation

Continuous Siloxane Monitoring

Real time verification of gas quality

No more manually collecting, packaging and shipping hazardous gas samples. No more waiting days or weeks for analysis results. Monitor your gas quality in real time with ppb accuracy. Better yet, let us integrate it into your siloxane removal system to maximize performance and media life while minimizing power consumption.

Guaranteed Performance & Reliability

for landfill & digester gas to energy projects

Whether you are operating engines, turbines, microturbines, a boiler, or a fuel cell, or our siloxane removal system will not only decrease your operating costs, it will increase your efficiency and uptime.  Got catalysts? No problem. We offer guaranteed catalyst protection while significantly improving the profitibility of your landfill or digester gas to energy project.  Ask us how.

Guaranteed Performance & Reliability

for pipeline injection & vehicle fueling projects

Whether you are upgrading landfill or digester gas for pipeline injection, or vehicle fueling, or our siloxane & VOC removal systems will protect your downstream processes and meet your gas quality specifications. Ask us how.

Siloxane Reduction Media, Biogas Filter Elements, Parts, Service, Engineering & Consulting for Landfill Gas & Digester Gas to Energy Projects

Media, Elements, Parts & Service

The help you need when you need it the most.

We offer media, elements, parts and service for all makes and models of biogas treatment systems. Let us upgrade your system to our specialized media blend for improved performance & longer media life. With more than 20 years of experience in gas purification, if we can't get your system working correctly, nobody can.

Complete Biogas Treatment Solutions

Your one-stop-shop for all your treatment needs.

With more than 20 years of experience in gas purification, and a network of industry partners, we can handle all your biogas treatment needs including not only siloxane reduction and monitoring, but filtration, chilling, dehydration, H2S reduction, and thermal oxidizers. Contact us today.

Learn about Willexa Energy - the market leader in siloxane treatment systems and monitors
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